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All About Monday Club | Part One

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All About Monday Club | Part One

We are lucky enough to have some wonderful friends here at The Room Service. Lovely people that we work with, are inspired by and have embarked upon the adventure of starting a business with. We're not the kind of people to keep them hidden away and instead want to shout from the rooftops how brilliant they are. 

The first we would love to introduce you to are Monday Club

Monday Club started collaborating with us after a chance encounter at The Craftsman’s Cottage. Formed by Nell Card and Rachel Vere, Monday Club is a creative studio who produce words and images for established and emerging brands including The Modern House, Bert & May, Pip & Nut and The Guardian. We particularly love their new series of Shelfscapes: Portraits Through Objects, such a the one above by photographer Philippa Langley which represents Monday Club and the things they hold most dear.

Nell Card (left) and Rachel Vere (right) photographed by Philippa Langley.

First, we chatted to Nell.

Nell, what is your first memory of Rachel? My first memory of Rachel is overhearing a conversation in the Guardian offices between her and a fellow editor. She was the picture editor for a “guide to games” – and had come up with a concept for the imagery that would elevate the guide from dull and functional to completely unique. I was listening to the way she gently pitched the idea, and remember sneaking a look at the image folder and seeing the black and white imagery she’d sourced from the 1930s-1960s of good old-fashioned family fun. I still love listening to her concepts and seeing her first edit of images.

How do you look for ideas and how can you tell if they’re any good? I’m always looking for ideas that have a universal appeal. They normally spring from conversations with people (including written interviews). I’ll latch on to a sentence or even a phrase, and start to expand upon that idea. Normally, if I believe in an idea, I will be able to explain it in a few words and I’ll find myself talking about it to friends or family who don’t work in the same industry. If they get it and want to know more, that’s a good sign.

Photography by Ola O Smit | Project for Bert & May with London florists Worm.

What did you want to be growing up? There’s a home video of me, aged about six, saying to camera: “I want to be an estate agent when I grow up.” I used to collect property details from my dad (who was a builder) and stash them in my bedroom. My interest in homes has been there from the start.

What is your favourite product from TRS collection and why? Felicity Irons' woven rush baskets and placements for their incredible smell and timeless simplicity. Mats pictured below and available from £15; Bread baskets (as seen at the beautiful Heckfield Place) are also available here.

Woven Rush Mats, as seen at The Craftsman's Cottage, Wiltshire.

Who is your favourite maker from The Room Service collection and why? It's impossible to single out one maker, as they are all so different and so dedicated to their craft. I did have a fascinating talk with Elvis and Kresse at a recent Room Service event. The fact that they have managed to change the production methods of a luxury giant such as Burberry is beyond impressive. Read Elvis & Kresse's inspiring Story here.

Which is your favourite hotel or restaurant featured on The Room Service and why? It would have to be The Craftsman's Cottage for owner Amanda Bannister's complete dedication to and knowledge of British craftsmanship, both old and new. Semley is the perfect village for mini-breaking. I would like to go here at least one weekend out of every 52!

The Craftsman's Cottage, Wiltshire

Where will Monday Club be in five years time? I would like us to have a little stack of business cards. That’s a (very achievable) short term goal. Longer term, I’d love to be able to expand our pool of regular collaborators so we can work with some of the people we left behind in London (we have both recently moved to Kent).

That's all we have time for this week, but pop back next week to complete the story and meet the other half of Monday Club, the lovely Rachel.  

In the meantime, you can find out more: @monday___club

Monday Club's work for Anna Jones | The Modern Cook's Year