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Porcelain Spear Pestle & Mortar
Porcelain Spear Pestle & Mortar
Porcelain Spear Pestle & Mortar

John Julian

Porcelain Spear Pestle & Mortar


Small | 18cm
Large | 23cm

The sculptural shape and design of this signature Pestle & Mortar make it pleasing to the eye and an absolute joy to use.

I have the most perfect John Julian pestle & mortar, a flat one for grinding that I use all the time.” Nigel Slater


in detail

MethodThe mortar is shallower than most, allowing more efficient and effective grinding and paste making. It works best - and is at its most pleasing - when you use the pestle with a rhythmic rocking motion.

Small: Mortar is 18cm diameter and 3.8cm high; Pestle is 10.5cm high

Large: Mortar is 23cm diameter and 4cm high; Pestle is 13.5cm high. 

Composition: Unglazed porcelain.

Care: Dishwasher Safe. 

Handmade in England.