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About Us

the room service about us Sophie Coryton

the room service about us Sophie Coryton

Don’t just get the look; get the real thing

The Room Service was founded by hotel lover, travel junkie and design enthusiast Sophie Coryton. Inspired by her adventures trying to track down a beautiful lamp she had seen in a hotel on her travels, she wanted to find a way to make it easier to get your hands on beautiful things showcased in hotels, restaurants and design-led spaces. She literally had a lightbulb moment and the idea for The Room Service was born - a treasure trove of carefully curated products ‘as seen in’ the beautiful places we have visited, admired and love.

How it Works

Our collection is from a mix of heritage brands, national treasures, independent designers and little-known craftsmen, but all with excellent craftsmanship and design in common. These are our Makers. We give them a voice in the interior design process and when you place an order, you are ordering from them directly; they set their own prices and delivery costs and everything is sold, packaged and sent to your doorstep by the makers themselves.

We are a Community

We don’t just want to sell you beautiful things; we want to engage you in a community of makers, hotels, restaurants and design-led spaces who are proud of each other and openly support each other. If you fall in love with something we feature, read about the maker who made it, stay at the hotel where you can find it, eat at the restaurant that proudly uses it - and join The Room Service community.