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Shopping from a Wedding List. All you need to know.

Hello! We are delighted that your friends or family have chosen to have their wedding list with us. Just follow the steps below to treat them to something truly special that they can treasure forever.  

Here's how it works. It's Easy Peasy. 

  1. Click HERE to see what is on the list or follow the link you have been given. You'll need to pop in the SURNAME connected to the list.

  2. The list should pop up. You can click on each item to have a proper look at it and find out a bit more about it.

  3. You can then either: 

    a)  Add it to your SHOPPING CART from the product page by clicking ADD TO CART then go to through the main website CHECKOUT; or

    (b)  Put the QUANTITY you would like to buy against the relevant product on the WEDDING LIST page and click UPDATE CART, then CHECKOUT when you have finished. 

  4. Whichever way you click through to the CHECKOUT, then simply checkout as you would on any website. To take payment we will need your email address and billing address as normal, but please don't worry - we won't send the presents to you.

  5. At the bottom of the Checkout Page is a box where you can write a MESSAGE.  Please remember to at least pop your name in this box so we  can let the newlyweds know who your presents are from.

  6. And hey presto, you are all done.  If you're going to the wedding, please send the newlyweds a huge congratulations from us - and have a wonderful time.  

Any questions? Get in touch at any time at

Need some inspiration? We can help you with that too.