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barton croft mug handmade rhubarb pair
barton croft mug handmade mist supper
barton croft mug handmade mist base
barton croft mug handmade rhubarb pair

Barton Croft

Handmade Mug



Handmade on the pottery wheel, these mugs are the perfect shape to get a good hug around your coffee. The handles are large and comfortable, and you can fit either two or three fingers in, depending how you like to hold your drink.

in detail

Large Mugs: approximately 9cm wide x 7cm high & hold around 300ml.

Small Mugs: approximately 7.5cm wide x 6cm high & hold around 200ml. 

Composition: The bases are unglazed, allowing the natural clay to show through. Each mug is individually sanded by hand in the studio before being washed and packaged to ensure that they’re perfectly smooth so you can be sure they won’t leave any marks on your furniture. 

Care: From meal time to midnight snacks, each handmade piece is designed around your lifestyle, not the other way around. You can keep plates warm in the oven, heat up your soup in the microwave, toss leftovers in the freezer. And best of all, handmade doesn’t mean you have to handwash. Each piece is dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. Like all ceramics, it is recommended to avoid sudden large changes in temperature.